About - Studio Martine Hommes
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The artworks are a representation of working in several disciplines.

The sculptures, collages and wallhangings often refer to every day life and might therefore look familiar or human. The accessibility of the works but also strangeness sometimes tends towards cheerfulness and humor.

But most essential in all the works is the poetry and stillness they represent. Beauty goes beyond the pure esthetic; it’s about being touched by stillness, rest, the moment just before or after the movement.


Exposed to creativity from a very young age I was encouraged to make art and to enjoy work of other artists. I developed artistically by following a broad education in ceramics, textile design, music, photography and painting.
I choose a career in medicine and practiced as an internist in hospitals for over 15 years.

In my spare time I continued to express my creativity. Gradually, I realized that I wanted more than one career in life and that I needed to pursue my other ambitions. Therefore I took on a professional training at Art School and I have my own creative business.