About - Studio Martine Hommes
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The sculptures, diverse in material, size and appearance, form groups that clearly interact with each other. They look human, related, but with a twist. This is because they refer to well-known works of art. Or because they have their origin in every day life that is so familiar to us. Their accessibility but also their strangeness tends towards cheerfulness and humor.

The making process reveals a lot and imperfections easily become part of the work. From minimalistic and modest to exuberant and colorful. Many recognizable elements find their place and therefore make the sculptures surprising, pleasant and sometimes even hilarious.

The collages and wall hangings form a different group of works. Where the sculptures often refer to (art) history and every day life, the collages and works of wool do not. They represent the process of making in its purest form. It is poetic and minimalistic and has no need to comment on anything.


Exposed to creativity from a very young age I was encouraged to make art and to enjoy work of other artists. I developed artistically by following a broad education in textile design, music, photography and drawing.
I choose a career in medicine and practiced as an internist in hospitals for over 15 years.

In my spare time I continued to express my creativity. Gradually, I realized that I wanted more than one career in life and that I needed to pursue my other ambitions. Therefore I took on a professional training at Art School (Nieuwe Akademie Utrecht) and I have my own creative business.